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Watch Saving Sally Full Hd Movie Download Online

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Watch Saving Sally Full Hd Movie Download Online.Rhian Ramos,a gadget inventor, intervened and later helped The two immediately became best friends, and as time passed, Marty developed romantic feelings for his friend but such feelings remained unrequited.this time to make out with him.The film revolves around Marty Enzo Marcos an amateur comic-book artist who sees the world around him as a vivid picture book and also sees most people he dislikes or indifferent to as monsters.Marty get revenge by humiliating the said bully in public. Ever hesitant, Marty struggles to gather the courage to express his true feelings to Sally and drew pictures.At Sally’s home, Marty agreed to send a letter by Sally intended for Nick.Nick thanks Marty the next day and gives him a ticket to a rave party.It was later found out that Sally did not became pregnant.was fetched by Marty who brings her to a shopping mall.Nick, Sally, and a reluctant Marty watches a Hollywood blockbuster action film.This caused Marty to be vigilant of Sally’s whereabouts during that evening but failed to intervene.At a cafe, Marty meets up with Nick who was initially rude to him before Marty introduced himself.Marty was reluctant to accept the ticket saying it wasn’t his thing but Nick insists saying it was a gift.The two discussed about Sally’s situation and Nick told Marty to tell Sally that he misses her so much.


Marty had an impression that Nick is a dickhead and literally sees him as a monster.Meanwhile, Marty presented his pitch to Renegade Komiks. The pitch for his comic is a science fiction story about a war between alien invaders and humanity. Toto approves of the work and asks Marty to start making drawings for the comic series and gives him another deadline.of his friend and his experiences with her in secret.Nick reveals that Sally is planning to sneak out of her house again,Sally sneaks out of his house one evening and Nick meets up with the two at the mall’s cinema.

Watch Saving Sally Full Hd Movie Info:-

Directed by—————Avid Liongoren
Screenplay by————-Charlene Sawit-Esguerra
Based on——————Saving Sally by Charlene Sawit-Esguerra
Starring——————Rhian Ramos,Enzo Marcos
Production company——–Rocketsheep Studios
Distributed by————Solar Pictures[1] Release date————–December 25, 2016

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