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Watch Full Hd TV Shows Human Planet Download

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Watch Full Hd TV Shows Human Planet Download.starting from 13 January 2011. Domestic repeats have been seen on Eden, with all 8 episodes aired over one week in April 2012.the production teams based at the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol and BBC Wales spent three years shooting over 70 stories in some of the most remote locations on Earth spanning about 40 countries. the Arctic, grasslands, rivers, mountains, oceans, and the urban landscape.Human Planet was originally screened in the UK on BBC One each Thursday at 8pm over eight weeksFor the first time on a BBC landmark series the production had a dedicated stills photographer, Timothy Allen, who documented the project photographically for the books and multimedia that accompany the series.BBC Worldwide has since announced they have sold the broadcast rights to 22 international markets.The beginning of the episode contrasts the richness and dangers of the oceans with the adaptability and endeavour of the people attracted to it.flood control through ice-breaking with dynamite along the Rideau River in Ottawa.and their reliance on oceanic resources with its exploitation.Topics include: fishermen traversing the Mekong’s cataracts in Si Phan Don, Laos, during the monsoon floods.

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Topics include: goose barnacle collection in coastal Galicia in northern Spain,sperm whale hunting off the Indonesian archipelago island of Lembata,bottlenose dolphin assisted fishing at Laguna in Brazil; the spiritual origins and modern aspects of surfing in Hawaii,shark calling in Papua New Guinea; the dangers of compressor diving around Palawan in the Philippines,and the transient stateless houseboat Bajau people living in the Coral Sea near Borneo.This episode documents people’s attraction to the rich yet unpredictable river systems around the world.a 100 kilometre 6-day winter trek to school along the frozen Zanskar River in Nepal,moving houses threatened by a collapsing riverbank along the Ganges in Bangladesh; preparing for the annual flood on Brazil’s Rio Negro by harvesting baby turtles,fishing in the rapids on the edge of Victoria Falls.

Watch Full Hd TV Shows Human Planet Info:-

Narrated by—————-John Hurt
Composer’s—————–Nitin Sawhney
Country of origin———-United Kingdom
Original language———-English
No. of episodes————8
Production—————–Executive producer(s) Brian Leith, Dale Templar
Producer(s)—————-Nicolas Brown, Mark Flowers, Tom-Hugh Jones, Tuppence Stone
Cinematography————-Pete Haynes, Matt Norman, Toby Strong, Robin Cox,
Production company(s)——BBC

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