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Rogue One 2016 Full Hd MOvie Download Online

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Rogue One 2016 Full Hd MOvie Download Online.Principal photography on the film began at Elstree Studios near London during early August 2015 and wrapped in February 2016.Based on an idea first pitched by Knoll ten years before it entered development, The film premiered in Los Angeles on December 10, 2016, and was released in the United States on December 16, 2016.Fifteen years later, cargo pilot Bodhi Rook defects from the Empire, smuggling a holographic message from Galen to Gerrera on the desert moon Jedha.rescue Galen so the Alliance can learn more about the Death Star,Îmwe is killed after activating the master switch to allow communication with the Rebel fleet. who convinces her to find and Cassian is covertly ordered by General Draven, an Alliance military officer, to kill Galen rather than extract him. Rook is killed by a grenade after informing the Rebel fleet that it must deactivate the shield surrounding the planet to allow the transmission of the schematics. Arriving at Scarif via the stolen Imperial ship, which Rook dubs Rogue One,K-2SO sacrifices himself so Jyn and Cassian can retrieve the data.

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Rebel intelligence officer Cassian Andor frees Jyn from an Imperial labor camp at Wobani before bringing her to the Rebel leader Mon Mothma, Frustrated at their inaction, Jyn’s group is supported by a small squad of Rebel volunteers intent on raiding the databank themselves.a disguised Jyn and Cassian enter the base with K-2SO while the other Rebels attack the resident Imperial garrison as a distraction.the film was made to be different in tone and style from the traditional Star Wars films, including omitting the conventional opening crawl. The film went through extensive reshoots and additional filming in mid-June 2016, with Gilroy joining for these.Malbus dies in battle shortly after.The Rebel fleet learns about the raid from intercepted Imperial communications and deploy in support. Jyn and Cassian seize the schematics, but they are ambushed by Krennic, who fires at Cassian, who then falls to the bottom of the shaft leaving Jyn to carry on alone.

Rogue One 2016 Full Hd MOvie Info:-

Directed by—————Gareth Edwards
Produced by—————Kathleen Kenned,Allison Shearmur,Simon Emanuel
Screenplay by————-Chris Weitz,Tony Gilroy
Story by——————John Knoll,Gary Whitta
Based on——————Characters,by George Lucas
Starring——————Felicity Jones,Diego Luna,Ben Mendelsohn,Donnie Yen,Mads Mikkelsen,Alan Tudyk,Jiang Wen,Forest Whitaker
Music by——————-Michael Giacchino,(Original Star Wars themes composed by John Williams)
Cinematography————-Greig Fraser
Edited by——————John Gilroy,Colin Goudie,Jabez Olssen
Production company———Lucasfilm Ltd.
Distributed by————-Walt Disney Studios,Motion Pictures
Release date—————December 10, 2016 (Pantages Theatre),December 16, 2016 (United States)
Country———————United States

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