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Hindi movies

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. Full Hd Movie Download

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. Full Hd Movie Download.One year, however, Munna’s plan goes awry when Hari meets an old acquaintance, Dr. Asthana Boman Irani and the two older men decide to betroth Munna to Asthana’s daughter, Dr. Suman Chinki Gracy Singh.Munna is shamed into leaving the college His guilt for not being able to help a Zaheer gets the better of ...

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Kahaani Full Hd Hindi Movie Download Online

kahaani poster

 Kahaani Full Hd Hindi Movie Download Online.Two years later Vidya Bagchi Vidya Balan,a pregnant software engineer,arrives in Kolkata from London during the Durga Puja festivities in search of her missing husband,Arnab Bagchi.A police officer,Satyoki Rana Sinha Parambrata Chatterjee,offers to help.Although Vidya claims that Arnab went to Kolkata on an assignment for the National Data Center NDC,initial investigations suggest that no ...

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Drishyam Full Hd Hindi Movie Download Online

Drishyam poster

Drishyam Full Hd Hindi Movie Download Online . After a preliminary investigation,Meera calls Vijay and family for questioning. Having predicted that the police would come calling eventually,Vijay coaches his family on how to face the interrogations without raising suspicion. When questioned individually,the family sticks to their individual stories and the police are unable to find a crack in their alibis.The ...

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Sultan 2016 Full Hd Hindi Movie download Online

Sultan 2016 poster

Sultan 2016 Full Hd Hindi Movie download Online. She gave up her childhood dream of winning an Olympic gold medal for India, which was then fulfilled by Sultan.Although she was initially cold towards him, Aarfa accepted Sultan as a friend. The doctor informs Aakash that Sultan should not fight again lest his injuries become fatal.When he began to proclaim that ...

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Masaan 2015 Full Hd Hindi Movie Download

Masaan 2015 poster

Masaan 2015 Full Hd Hindi Movie Download .They board the boat striking a conversation.there earlier once and adds that there is a belief one should visit the Sangam at least twice, once alone and once in someone’s company. With that, the film ends.a course in Allahabad.The second narrative concerns Deepak, a boy also from Varanasi from the Dom community a ...

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Kaabil 2017 Full Hd Hindi Movie Download

Kaabil 2017 Full Hd Hindi Movie Download.It features a love affair between two blind people.Officer Chaubey suspects Rohan for Amit and Wasim’s murders after remembering his challenge, and puts him under house arrest,and both are accused of being liars.Heartbroken, they return home.A horrified Rohan immediately calls the police, Officer Chaubey advises him to get his wife medically examined in 24 ...

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Gandhi My Father Full Hd Hindi Movie Download

Gandhi My Father poster

Gandhi My Father Full Hd Hindi Movie Download.Khan’s play, Mahatma vs. Gandhi,while different from this film, had a similar theme which was based on novel by Gujarati author Dinkar Joshi.The movie was shot in South Africa and in several Indian cities including Mumbai and Ahmedabad.Gandhi My Father paints the picture of Gandhi’s intricate, complex and strained relationship with son his ...

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The Ghazi Attack Full Hd Hindi Movie Download

The Ghazi Attack poster

The Ghazi Attack , According to the Pakistani Navy, PNS Ghazi sank due to explosions caused by itself or the naval mine it laid in the Bay of Bengal.Devraj needs both Arjun and Singh’s orders for launching torpedo but Arjun does not give his permission because of his orders.However,the Indian Navy credits the destroyer INS Rajput for sinking PNS Ghazi. ...

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Watch Hindi Movie Fan 2016 Full Hd Download

Fan 2016 poster

Fan 2016 Hindi Movie,  of an obsessive fan of a star who looks just like the star. Made on a budget of ?850 million,the film collected ?792.5 million in India and ?613.5 million from overseas territories.He then sentiments about Aryan to the press, Gaurav gets furious and invades Sid’s cabin.also Shah Rukh Khan; Aryan is Gaurav’s whole life. Gaurav’s face ...

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Fanaa 2006 Hindi Movie Full Hd Download

Fanaa 2006 poster

 Fanaa 2006 Hindi Movie, the mastermind behind the attacks.It is revealed that the man is Rehan, who placed the bomb known as the IKF, sends him on a mission in Kashmir, where he once again, in a strange fate, meets Zooni.It also marked the comeback of Kajol, who was last seen in Karan Johar’s Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham 2001.Both fall ...

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